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The entirety of this story is not one to be told over a quiet dinner and a glass of wine.

A tale about one individual who grasped the whole of humanity with his own two hands and played with it as with plasticine, bending civilisation to his own will.

A genius? Perhaps. A madman? Surely. A human? That is for you to decide, really.
without the fear of our enemies, our bravery is meaningless

Today's hackers are the only ones able to express opinions, hacktivism being their only weapon.

Emilia and the Cardinal are Artificial Intelligence entities that hold power over the entire Grid and AlphaCo assets.

A competition has begun. A fight for the chairman position of Alpha, put at stake by the corporation itself.

Alpha Coins are the premium currency of this competition, giving you access to extra features such as the A.I. Entity that greets and notifies you of certain events.

You may get A-Coins directly or by referring hackers and participating in events.


One of the many ways to earn Cash is by completing missions successfully.

One other productive task would be taking on a job as often as possible.

Most enjoyable is attacking hackers directly through the Grid or by taking part in Organization and Zone wars.

You need to buy (CHEAP) server components and software to build your first MAIN server.

Missions are means for you to gain experience, skills, money, achievements and notoriety.

Mission groups become available as you fulfil their requirements. Selected few missions are available only in party and some can be redone daily rewarding you each time while others can be repeated unlimitedly with no rewards.

You will be exposed to an UNIX-ish terminal, learning commands that you can even use outside of this world.

Skills are used when spying, attacking, doing missions and generally interacting with the world.

As you level up, complete missions, refer hackers, work, fight (and other) you gain Universal Skills Points (alias USP) which you can use to upgrade your skills.

Abilities improve your skills. Access to new abilities will be gained as you progress on your path to becoming the single most powerful hacker out there.

The Cardinal Mainframe limits how many servers you can own by your level and other factors.

You will need components (which can be damaged) and software to run a server.

Each app contributes to the server's skill levels and the skill levels of your Main come on top of your own in Missions. Non-main servers will be available to bounce and DDOS through in missions.
spy && attack

You can uncover relative data about your enemies' skills, servers && life on the Grid. Your skills contribute to your Spying capabilities just like they do for layers.

Through attacks you can weaken, destroy and ultimately gain money and power.
An ingame battle simulator is available for your to try and predict the outcome of Grid battles.

the Grid

The Grid is a huge cluster of nodes encompassing all zones and competitors.

By scanning the grid, one can find allies and deal with enemies, tie friendships or destroy alliances.
The forums are, simply put, the place to be. Private forums are available for Organizations.

The Organizations are groups of hackers with the slightest trace of a common goal. You are partners in crime with your fellow org. members.

Organization wars make the difference between the strong.. and the weak.

I feel for all intents and purposes invincible and I fear this will be the delusion to bring my downfall..

..I've sold my soul to hacking...

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