The ultimate hacker Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, aiming for a fresh experience. Hack like never before in a place where you feel like home.
The Secret Republic is the world you never knew existed. With a cross-device compatible interface you can manage your progress in the competition from desktops, laptops, tables and mobile devices. You will have to embed yourself in the story of this place and prove you're worthy of respect.
You will become a hacker in a post-apocalyptic world where a competition for the charmain position of the most massive company in the world (Alpha Corp) drives the entire world mad.
You will dive in a hacker like futuristic atmosphere and will improve your logic skills and even typing speed while building upon many other abilities.
You will build your own servers which you can improve the same way you do with real ones. You'll have the chance to create your own organization, blog and profile, make friends and enemies, hack and be hacked, to defend your zone or rule it as you see fit.
The skills obtained from this competition are valuable in real life situations and the knowledge you will learn you'll soon find out is invaluable.
Battles are not fought to be won, the winners are decided before the battle has even began.
Now, let us continue our journey, shall we? There's so much waiting ahead and the Time has long lost its patience.
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