You are allowed to own an extra servers as you level up.

Skill levels generated by apps of all servers contribute to your Grid layers and components of all servers are susceptible to damage in Grid battles and software can also suffer damage from Missions and Grid Battles.

The MAIN Server is your default in missions, to which you are logged on when disconnected from other machines, while non-main servers are available to bounce and DDOS through. The skill levels of your main server are the only ones to contribute on top of your own skills in missions. Changing the main while in a mission will not affect that instance.

Each server will earn you by default 10 Data Points / hour. All servers mine for Data Points continuously.

Components and software will lose their attributes and require more resources as they get damaged. If the power source cannot sustain your configuration the server will become useless until broken components are replaced. As RAM lowers, running applications will be killed and as HDD decreases, apps will be deleted automatically and randomly.

If a component is 20% damaged it will have only 80% of its attributes available (e.g. 80% of RAM slots on a Motherboard).

If an application is 20% damaged it will use 20%/2 more RAM and CPU, so 10% more of these resources, and will have only 80% of its skill points available.


The Grid is a huge cluster of nodes reuniting all zones. Every node represents a participant in the competition with the world as a prize.

By scanning the grid, one can find alies and deal with enemies, tie friendships or destroy alliances.

The Grid was part of Alpha’s vision since the very beginning. Not only it provides safety and an easier life for citizens, but Alpha had to gain a lot from this whole deal as well. A huge citizenship databases ended up being created, containing DNA samples and fingerprints of the entire living population.

Sensors, cameras and various control systems have been placed in every single possible space and connected to the Grid network. It took the workers four years to deploy and configure the Grid, from year 2037 to 2041. If you wanted to find someone anywhere on the planet the Grid would be the ideal place to start your search with. Moreover, it ended up controlling everything from water pumps to electricity and zone borders. Every technology powered system became a node of the Grid.

On January 1st, 2041, the Grid Network officially went live. Zones had been activating their Grids all through year 2040, but the network wasn’t unified until 2041.

Through high level computations and numerous data centers spread across continents, the Grid can do DNA analysis and fingerprint matching in the global citizenship database on the fly, accurately matching them to their owner in the fraction of a second at failure rate so low it was ignored completely.


The Grid is composed of Clusters which contain Nodes. You can own multiple nodes. The address of a node is referred to as [Zone:Cluster:Node]. You can obtain ownership of more nodes through specialised software on your servers. Change which node you are connected to on the Dashboard. While linked to a node you can see only operations concerning that node (attack, spying, scavenging, etc). If you loose all your nodes you lose the game.

Long version

The Grid has multiple subdivisions.

The first subdivision is made out of Clusters. Each zone has multiple clusters which in turn contain up to 10 nodes each.

The location of a node is often shortened [Z:C:N] where Z is the Zone, C the cluster and N the Node.

When you first join the competition you are given one Node on the Grid in your Zone.

The action of taking ownership over a new node is called Node Instantiation and it can be achieved by installing software specific for this purpose on your servers, finding an empty node by browsing the Grid and sending your servers to do the job. There's of course chances you will fail depending on how powerful your software and will are.

On the Dashboard you can Link/Connect to one of your nodes at a time. When connected to a node you can see the attacks sent from and to that node only.

When launching an attack you use the same servers that you own no matter which node you are connected to but the receiver can only know about the node you sent the attack from.

If at any point you lose all of your nodes, you lose the game.

It is advised to own more than one node as in extreme situations they can be overcomed and Uninstantiated.

Your interaction with the grid is based mostly on your servers and mighty skills.

You should get used ASAP to the three layers of protection plus a spy layer, each with its own attack and defense properties based on the influence your skills and server skills have on them.

You can analyse the influence your skills and server skills have on layers on the Layers interface.

When you get to pick what servers to use in attacks, layers for that specific attack are generated based on your skills and the skills of the servers you have selected.

Keep in mind that while your servers are in use they are not protecting you anymore.

When spying you will receive a report on the approximative skills, servers and general protection your target has. Thanks to the target's spy defense he might be notified of your mischievous attempt.

You can also choose to attack a target. If you're powerful enough to get through layer 1 and layer 2 you will steal from your targets resources (money, data points) and either way you will most likely cause damage to his and your own hardware and software.

You are allowed to pick which servers to use when attacking, but be careful. If you are attacked while the servers are busy with another task, they will not contribute to your defense.

After a battle, there's a chance of floating Data Points to remain on the battle field. You can again use your servers, which will enter a busy state similar to the one for attacks, to scavenge these Data Points for your own use.

You might also want to look into Node Instantiation otherwise known as claiming ownership over a node.

After a grid battle, there's a chance of floating Data Points to remain on the battle field. You can use your servers, which will enter a busy state similar to the one for attacks, to scavenge these Data Points for your own use.

Simple answer: no.

You can own Nodes in other Zones but you cannot officially change your citizenship.

You are to be forever loyal to your Zone.


Skills define and refine what it means to be you.

Upgrade your abilities as fast as you can to gain more skill points. Your skills are separate from server skills, which are per machine.

Skill levels contribute to your security layers, standing between you and the Grid. More so, they influence the duration and power of commands executed in missions.

When attacking on the Grid, the skills of the servers you picked for the attack are added to your own skills in the context of that attack.

To add Universal Skill Points to your Skills insert the number of points you want to assign for each skill in their individuals fields then remember to save the changes.
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