Data Points / Data Coins are resources to be mined (obtained) using servers (which earn you 10 DP/hour each by default) on which you can install additional software and hardware to help you mine faster.

There are a couple more ways of collecting Data Points, such as browsing the Grid for lost floating Data Points (reminiscences of past battles between mighty hackers) or by initiating Grid Attacks on other competitors.

If one were to give a short description of the Data Coins or Data Points, it would resume to the building blocks of the Grid.

Companies around the glove and even Alpha themselves have adopted this system thanks to earlier successful pre-World War III implementations.

Some of you might remember the controversial Bit Coin decentralised virtual currency which has slowly but steadily increased its value to rival real monetary markets through its independent nature.

Being used mostly by hackers and becoming ever more popular after the competition has started, Alpha is unsatisfied with the anonymity of Data Points earnings and transactions and constantly researches way to track them.


% chances to win one of the following components/software (some of which are not available in the shop)

The cost is adjusted by the Grid-aware Cardinal System
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